Eat Your Young By Hozier

“Eat Your Young” was announced by Hozier, along with the tracklist of the EP featuring songs “All Things End”, “Through Me (Flood)” in addition to “Eat Your Young”, on 24th February of 2023. Its lyric video was released just a few days ago on 17th of March 2023 and has acquired 769k views as of yet. 

Eat Your Young lyrics

Here is the chorus and its meaning:

Get some
Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
Seven new ways that you can eat your young
Come and get some
Skinnin' the children for a war drum
Puttin' food on the table sellin' bombs and guns
It's quicker and easier to eat your young

Hozier is known to use his voice and his songs to talk about socio-political issues, discrimination and other important matters and one of the main themes of this song is the class divide between the rich and the poor. Another recurring theme throughout this song is gluttony. In the third line of the chorus, sings Hozier, “seven new ways to eat your young” referring to how the rich and powerful people constantly make decisions putting the lives of young people on the line. It could also be referring to the satirical essay, “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift, which discussed a solution to poverty which was that the poor should sell their children to be eaten by the rich.

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