Motto by NF

i could write a record full of radio songs
do a bunch of features that my label would love
do a bunch of features that i don't even like
just to build up the hype, yeah
i could sell my house and move out to la
get inside of rooms with the biggest of names
hire fifty people just to give me advice
on the way, i should write 

About Song:

NF, starts the song, “Motto,” speaking of the things that he could do. He says that he could do features that he doesn’t like, do radio songs, and a couple other things including hiring writers to write for him, clearly criticizing other artists yet not naming any names. In the continuation of the first verse of the song, he contradicts himself later on. It goes:

yeah, sounds like a nightmare if you ask me
yeah, went from my bedroom to the big leagues
you know how many times that i was told things
wouldn't work? but worked out, havin' cold feet
didn't keep me from success, but delayed it some
I used to be the guy who'd kill to get a number one
I had to hear "that song's a hit" before I thought it was
but nowadays I don't really give a— (what?) 

“I had to hear "that song's a hit" before I thought it was but nowadays I don't really give a— (what?),” he raps about how he used to doubt himself and had to hear it from other people telling him that his song was a hit but nowadays he has stopped caring.
Motto by NF was released on the 9th of March, 2023 and much like his other songs it was a hit, gaining 5.7 million views in just eight days. This is the second song in his album “HOPE” and represents his newfound beliefs as he is now the one in control. The song has a hip-hop beat mixed with strong bass, typical for NF’s music. 

MOTTO Lyrics - NF

Here’s the chorus and what it means:

oh, god (yeah)
might catch me at the award show
eatin' popcorn in the back row
catchin' zs with my hat low
no nominations, but it's cool though
oh, god
you might see me in the same clothes
I had on last week, am I ashamed? no (yeah)
you heard the sayin', "if it ain't broke
don't fix it," that's my motto

NF knows that he is an underrated artist in the industry, and reflects on it in the line, “catchin' zs with my hat low,” Z’s referring to him being slept on as an artist. He doesn’t get nominated for any awards but now, he simply does not care as trying to go for awards might get in the way of his artistic vision. 
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