We Don’t talk about Bruno By The Moonies ( Encanto )

“We Don’t talk about Bruno” was featured in the Disney movie “Encanto” released on 24 November 2021. The movie, as of now, has an IMDB rating of 7.2 and a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has garnered 256.8 million dollars at the box office. Along with the popularity of the movie, the song was much acclaimed as well, with the video release of the song gaining 527 million views. That stats are enough to tell one about the hit this Disney project has been.

Here’s the chorus:
We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no
We don't talk about Bruno

The Madrigal family lives in a magical place called Encanto, where everyone is blessed with a magical gift except Mirabel. In the chorus, the Madrigal family is seen warning Mirabel not to mention or talk about her uncle Bruno, who has the power of prophecies that might come true.

We Don't Talk About Bruno Lyrics -Adassa

Here’s the first verse and its meaning:

It was my wedding day (It was our wedding day)
We were getting ready
And there wasn't a cloud in the sky (No clouds allowed in the sky)
Bruno walks in with a mischievous grin (Thunder)

Are you telling this story or am I?
 (I'm sorry, mi vida, go on)

Bruno says, "It looks like rain" (Why did he tell us?)
In doing so, he floods my brain (Abuela, get the umbrellas)
Married in a hurricane (What a joyous day, but anyway)

The wedding day mentioned was Pepa and Felix’s wedding day. They mention how the sky was clear but as Bruno walked in he teases Pepa that it looks like rain which makes her anxious causing her to start a thunder which is mentioned in the last line of the verse “Married in a hurricane”, though in the brackets the line “what a joyous day, but anyway” is sung by Felix who does not have any regrets about that day.

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